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Nice Flower Girl Pictures photos

Smiliest flower girls ever?
flower girl pictures
Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
This much happier crew of flower girls were pictured at an O'Neill Power wedding. Rockfield is mentioned, and we've come across that location before, as home of the Gallweys in Tramore. But the O'Neill Powers lived at Power Hall, Kilkenny...

The few sentences above were our starting point, and we mistakenly thought this photo had been taken on Wednesday, 2 July 1929. Look at the comments below to see what was achieved: Date established; location identified; all three girls identified! Think an old Library is entitled to a (very genteel) whoop of joy!

Date: Saturday, 27 July 1929

NLI Ref.: P_WP_3633

Flower Girl
flower girl pictures
Image by kla4067
What must the Flower Girl be thinking? I know her well but I can only guess.....

Flower Girl
flower girl pictures
Image by sheilaz413
The flower girl of my cousin's wedding.

This wedding was the first Chinese wedding I've attended in China. I asked to be their wedding photographer (also a first) and these pictures are some of what I came up with.

The Flower Girl
flower girl pictures
Image by JoePhilipson
Picture of the flower girl and the bride right behind her.

The flower girl
flower girl pictures
Image by jaci XIII
Make It Interesting, Challenge #1 - The Rose.
Starter image with thanks, from Shutterbugdeb.
texture by /theresasthompson and Temari 9
girl picture by www.worth1000.com/

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